June 2017

Odds & Ends – Some Very Odd!

It is almost time to celebrate

The fourth of July is just around the corner! Let's celebrate by honoring all that makes this country great!

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Do You Want to Know?

UNM Press and Albuquerque in trouble — reorganization and car theft!

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New Mexico Arts & Crafts Fair – Stay Cool Inside!

It's awful hot out there! Seek shelter where it is cool — come check out some books and some great art!

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Besides Great Art………..

Come to the Sacred Heart Spanish Market THIS WEEKEND in Gallup — see great art and attend a workshop on publishing your book!

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Stupid Odds & Ends!

The world is filled with stupid people in positions of power or as gatekeepers!

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National Higher Education Day – June 6

Higher Ed Day is supposed to be a time to celebrate the accomplishments of our colleges and universities. In New Mexico, all we get is the absolute failure of these institutions!

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Website With No Contact Info – Why?

Many people make great websites and then make it hard for folks to contact them. BAD!

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Fly Fishin’!

It is always exciting for a publisher to announce new titles. So, we are pleased to announce the release of Slim Randles' new book "THE FLY FISHERMAN'S BUCKET LIST."

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International Children’s Day - June 1

Hundreds of events are set to take place across the globe to celebrate childhood and get people talking about the issues affecting children at the moment – and how to solve them.

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