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UNM Press and Albuquerque in trouble — reorganization and car theft!


Reorganization at UNM Press

One of the many things we are involved in is the chaos with UNM Press. It is a crime that greed, hate, ignorance, and stupidity are making this a problem and not the money problems that UNM touts. After all, the Athletic Department has greater money losses every year AND they may break the law but they are not taken apart.

If you are interested, check out the reports written for and paid for by UNM telling them to do the exact opposite of what they are doing.


UNM Press has always published great books!


#1 In The USA!

You can’t beat being named #1 in the entire country! Albuquerque is #1 for being the best place in the country for having your car stolen. What an honor!

An average of 27 cars are stolen each day! Even bait cars are stolen. Sometimes they catch the criminals but sometimes the bait cars are made off with and police need to scramble.

The Mayor has a 14 point plan to deal with it. One of the points is lock your car and take the key – talk about Mr. Obvious. The police are just trying to keep up.

So words to live by – lock your car!

PS. New Mexico was just named 49
th in child welfare. Literacy was one of the factors. New Mexicans don’t have much literacy. Good news all around.

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