This Is SOOOOO Wrong!

Something is really wrong with this one!

Every year I have bought bizcochitos cookies at Costco. They are a great cookie, large container, made in New Mexico, and a good price. Win-win!

Bizcochitos are the official cookie of New Mexico by law in 1989. Bizcochitos or biscochitos are a lard-based sugar cookie and good, especially in the winter. People outside of New Mexico, enjoy getting a piece of New Mexico as a gift. It is fun to share.

biscochitos 1

biscochitos 2

So, I went on my Costco run and they had bizcochitos but MADE IN CALIFORNIA! To add insult to injury, on the top of the box is, “Official Cookie of New Mexico.” Why Costco, why? If the Official Cookie is MADE IN NEW MEXICO, why are you buying a cookie made in California? You used to deal with a New Mexico company!

Needless to say, I can’t send California cookies. So the cookies are carried at Smith’s – Way Out West Bizcochitos - and that is where I got them. Smaller container but…………………

Bah Humbug!!!!!!

Barbe Awalt


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