A Change In Retail?

Major changes are happening right in front of us — can you see then?

Retail future-squashed

We are very concerned about trends and changes in the retail world especially regarding book sales. When I was driving recently, I heard Glenn Beck talking about the major changes in retail, banking, and tastes and thought this sums up what I was thinking.

1. Traditional isn’t happening anymore. Stores, publishers, and manufacturers have to take notice that tastes are changing, money is not flowing, and people are not going out to stores.

2. An unusual number of stores are closing: restaurants, gifts shops, department stores, grocery stores, chain stores, bookstores, and more. Why are they closing? Corporate bigwigs are finding they need to downsize, mom and pop stores can’t make it, and other factors may cause a store to find a new location.

3. Are more people shopping online? Yes they are. So if you don’t have a great e-commerce store you are going to be left out in the cold. But strangely, e-books are not doing well. People still like a real book when they buy a book.

4. People want new and different which is making manufacturers re-invent their products. Those new products also die quickly. People have a limited interest.

5. And most disturbing, people are not spending as much money and not buying what they used to get. Frankly, people are not going to a lot of the events they used to go to either.

The holiday buying season will be a big indicator of the new trend. Are people buying as much or are they laying low? Are people spending money on things they have to buy like mortgage, food, and insurance – the costs of these things going up – and there is less money to spend on new things? Where are your products situated for the holiday buying season?

Barbe Awalt


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