National Teacher Appreciation Day

Teachers have one of the most important jobs for the future of our country. However, they are not paid enough. But most people are willing to pile on the money for our celebrity and sports "heroes." We need to change this immediately.

We are all to blame that we pay sport figures, actors, and so-called celebrities more money than teachers. Teachers have a more important job.

At the same time this day is celebrated, or not, the
Albuquerque Journal had that New Mexico has the lowest graduation rate in the country. Also, Albuquerque had the next to worst graduation rate of 100 major cities. Yippee – are we good or what?

Teachers teach students to read books. Without them student can’t read anything much less their precious phones. Phones have a place but not in place of books. Teachers are an integral part of the society and we have treated them badly. Our Governor wants to penalize them for using the sick days they contracted each year. She also doesn’t give them enough resources to teach through the vetoed budget, – paper, pencils, programs. Don’t get me started on the Public Education Department in New Mexico. They no more support teachers and students than the man in the moon.

This is all sad and what we have become in our society. Happy Teacher Appreciation Day.

Barbe Awalt

Today's Random Thought!
Trump firing the FBI Director sounds an awful lot like an attempt to divert attention from the real Russian connections that Trump and his cronies have. This may very well backfire on the President and speed things up.

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