The UNM Press Warehouse – FINALLY!

UNM Officials Make 1st Visit to UNM Press Warehouse Before Making Massive Changes — Optics are bad!

The UNM powers–that-want-to-be are FINALLY touring the UNM Press warehouse. Interim Provost White was embarrassed at the NM Book Co-op lunch when asked if he had ever seen it or the UNM Press offices. At least he was honest and said NO!

I have a feeling the Almost President Abdallah and Dean Clement hadn’t either. Clement just knew he wanted it badly if it came with a few million dollars. Frankly, I want the warehouse too and I would take only a million dollars.

So Wednesday, the three stooges and their minions are having a walk-through. About time! It should be an event!

Maybe Dean Clement needs to fix the Espresso book machine before he takes on having a "new" warehouse! This asset could be making money for the Library or UNM. No money? Just ask for it! UNM apparently has tons of money to go around! If you can’t maintain a machine in the Library (basement when I last saw it) what makes you think you could maintain a warehouse?

Barbe Awalt


August 12: Taylor Ranch Neighborhood Association Community Event at Mariposa Park, 9am to 12 noon
Nov 1-3, 2017: NM Library Association Convention, Marriott Pyramid, Albuquerque
Nov 12: 4th Annual Albuquerque Balloon Museum Arts & Crafts Fair, 9am to 5pm

HENRIETTA CHRISTMAS & PAUL RHETTS ("The Basic Genealogy Checklist")
August 12: Tome on the Range, Las Vegas, NM 12 noon and 2pm

JOSEPH SANCHEZ ("Historic Route 66")
Sept 16: Special Collections Library, 423 Central Ave NE, 10am-12noon