There is a God! UPDATE

The UNM Golfgate moves into high gear! When will these people learn that you don't screw with peoples money?

Tim Keller, the New Mexico State Auditor, has launched a look to see if tax funds were used illegally by Paul Krebs to go to Scotland. So we know Tim Keller can watch TV where Paul Krebs said he used the money and broke the law and understand it. GREAT! Not so much for the Bernalillo DA or the Attorney General. No matter what happens, Tim Keller gets kudos for at least trying!

Let’s talk about the almost UNM President, Chaobi Abdallah. He accepted re-payment of the $64,000 from an unknown donor to set things right. First of all, the almost President should never have accepted the money because he is actively covering up a crime. Though he is not too bright because he said it on TV. He also didn’t say he was doing anything about Paul Krebs breaking the law. I guess when you are the almost President of a university, you don’t know you have to follow the law. WHAT KIND OF EXAMPLE IS HE TO THE UNM STUDENTS?

And don’t we have a money problem - like UNM doesn’t have enough money to keep UNM Press going without firing people and moving the books to Chicago? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE ALMOST PRESIDENT OF UNM, CHAOBI ABDALLAH and PAUL KREBS?

I would love to be above the law, ethics, and public opinion. Is it time to get rid of both Paul Krebs and the almost President, Chaobi Abdallah – so he can join the other real Presidents of UNM who have golden parachutes? Why do people think UNM is a joke? Because of things like this.

Barbe Awalt

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