Dumbest Things & Hurricane Kudos

People do the dumbest things even when they should know better!


UNM Press

Everything is on hold. I have a feeling that the Dean of Libraries at UNM, Dr. Clement, is a little ticked off that his master plan for the UNM Press warehouse had a big old spotlight put on it. So for the time being, UNM Press books are not being moved out-of-state. But you never know – dumber things have happened!


The Winners

The 2017 Green Chile Cheeseburger Smackdown Winners are:
Rocky Durham of Blue Heron at Sunrise Springs Spa – The Judges Award
David Sellers of Street Food Institute – People’s Choice Award (I have good taste!)

Dumbest Thing

The Pasco, Florida Police warned people not to shoot guns at Hurricane Irma. They said shooting it won’t stop it. People were encouraged to shoot on social media. Are they dumb or what? And the bigger question is – are they so dumb that they actually believe shooting a hurricane will have any effect? Sad! Even sadder is the thought that if they shoot, an innocent person might get hit. The dummies are always a problem shooting on New Year’s Eve and hurting someone.



Kudos to the cruise ships going to the islands to bring provisions and recuing stranded tourists. Some of the island used to be great and now they have been flattened.

Best Saying about the Hurricanes

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. Boxer Mike Tyson

Kudos to:
Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show. Their tribute to Hurricane Harvey survivors and Houston was great!

To everyone contributing to the New Mexico Special Olympics. It only took $1. It is sad that their funding was cut off.

All the rescuers of Harvey and Irma. Job well done. People went above and beyond.

Barbe Awalt


Nov 12: 4th Annual Albuquerque Balloon Museum Arts & Crafts Fair, 9am to 5pm

HENRIETTA CHRISTMAS & PAUL RHETTS ("The Basic Genealogy Checklist")
Dec 9: Los Lunas Public Library, 10am
January 6: Hispanic Genealogy Research Center at National Hispanic Cultural Center, Albuquerque, 10am
January 9: El Castillo Living Center, Santa Fe, NM, 7pm

NASARIO GARCIA ("Grandpa Lolo's Matanza")
Sept 9: Treasure House Books, Old Town Plaza, 1pm

RILEY MITCHELL ("The Essential Paranormal Bucket List")
Oct 30: Bookworks, Rio Grande Blvd, 6pm

SLIM RANDLES ("The Fly Fisherman's Bucket List")
Nov 9: Bookworks, Rio Grande Blvd, 6pm

JOSEPH SANCHEZ ("Historic Route 66")
Sept 16: Special Collections Library, 423 Central Ave NE, 10am-12noon
Oct 7: Treasure House Books, Old Town Plaza, 1pm
Nov 18: Bookworks, Rio Grande Blvd, 3pm

JOHN TAYLOR & RICHARD MELZER ("Tragic Trails & Enchanted Journeys" & "Captain Maximiliano Luna")
Nov 11: Treasure House Books, Old Town Plaza, 1pm
Nov 16: Bookworks, Rio Grande Blvd, 6pm

ROBERT TORREZ ("Voices from the Past")
Nov 4: Treasure House Books, Old Town Plaza, 1pm
Nov 30: Bookworks, Rio Grande Blvd, 6pm

ROSS VAN DUSEN ("What Makes the Lightning?", "How the Crocka Dog Came to Be"; and "Lyle Got Stuck in a Tree")
Oct 28: Treasure House Books, Old Town Plaza, 1pm
Dec 1: Treasure House Books, Old Town Plaza, 6pm