The Ads!

The Game was a nail-bitter no matter who you may have rooted for. But the ads were very different this year!

I had a feeling this year the Super Bowl ads were more about social causes, thanks-yous, and tearjerkers. In the past years, the ads were funny, silly, and current. I noticed a real lack of animals, dogs, and Clydesdale horses. But the Voice ad made up for that and was great. Also, it seemed there was a major reduction in car ads.

The top tearjerkers, in my opinion, were: The Budweiser water ad, the Mass Mutual, and Toyota ads. The Tide ad that wouldn’t end was well done and funny. My funniest ad was the NFL dancing ad with Manning and Beckham. Eli can’t dance but he was a good sport! And that was the point.

My ad that missed the mark was the MLK truck ad. There are some things you don’t do to sell trucks. Local ads were kinda lame but I enjoyed the Power Ford ad.

The Super Bowl was fun and a nail-biter to the very end.

Barbe Awalt


FRANCELLE ALEXANDER ("Albuquerque's North Valley")
Feb 15: Bookworks, Rio Grande Blvd, 6pm
Feb 17: Los Ranchos Village Hall, 11am to 1pm
Feb 18: Treasure House Books, Old Town Plaza, 1pm
Mar 13: North Valley Senior Center, 10a to 12 noon, Albuquerque
May 5: Albuquerque's North Valley, Hispanic Genealogy Research Center, 10:30am at National Hispanic Cultural Center, Albuquerque

Feb 10: "Space Pioneers," 10:30am at Special Collection Library, Albuquerque

Feb 17: Capt Maxilliano Luna at Los Lunas Museum, 2pm, Los Lunas, NM

Feb 6: Film clip-illustrated talk, Hollywood’s Visions Trips and Crowded Rooms, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, UNM Continuing Education, South Building, 1634 University Blvd NE 1-3pm
Feb 17: “Green Burial Options in New Mexico,” Rio Grande Nature Center State Park, 2901 Candelaria Road NW, Albuquerque 2pm
Mar 9-11: The Newly-Dead Game® and the documentary “Grandpa’s in the TUFF Shed,”
Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland, Colorado

Mar 3: Historic Route 66, National Hispanic Cultural Center, 10:30am, Albuquerque

ROSS VAN DUSEN ("What Makes the Lightning?", "How the Crocka Dog Came to Be"; and "Lyle Got Stuck in a Tree")

Feb 22: Special Assembly on How the Crocka Dog Came to Be at Piñon Elementary School White Rock, NM
Apr 28: Battle of the Books at Los Lunas Schools, 8am-1pm
Jun 2: Book signing at Treasure House Books, 2012 South Plaza, Albuquerque Old Town,