Odds & Ends, Macy’s & Puritan’s Pride

I thought I would just tell you about a bunch of stuff that as Donald says, is SAD!

I went into the Macy’s Closing Sale at Cottonwood Mall. The Mall has got vacant stores all over the place. You see, malls are dying. Not all malls but enough to take notice. In fact, retailing in general, is changing rapidly.

So, one of our Macy’s is closing this spring. It was depressing to go in. The whole store is supposedly 60% off but there are signs for 40% off and total disarray. The price check machines are gone so you can’t check anything. The closing is particularly sad for me because before it was a Macy’s the store was a Foley’s. Many moons ago for fun, I organized the Foley’s holiday shop. I have always loved Christmas and this was fun. Memories gone!

The sale is for everything at the Macy’s. The fixtures are for sale too. Maybe one of the reasons Macy’s is having problems is with the prices in the BIG SALE, prices on everything seem to be too expensive for out-of-date and old merchandise. At least it appears like it because there was such a mess that you don’t know what the final price is.

So, I didn’t buy anything and for a shopper, that says something.

Puritan’s Pride is the story about a company that doesn’t have a clue and hasn’t discovered customer service.

On Thursday, I got an email from Puritan’s Pride that my order had been shipped. The problem was, I didn’t place an order. Puritan’s Pride or PP (how appropriate!) sent me what I supposedly ordered and the name, address, and phone of the guy in Minneapolis who ordered the stuff. My email was attached to the order. PP sells vitamins and other supplements but they have lost interest in working with people.

Now granted the order wasn’t for much – about $20. But this may be an ongoing thing. So right away I called the PP customer service and the moron on the phone wanted me to give her my credit card number. That was not going to happen. I next called the guy in Minneapolis and left a message on his machine that I have all of his contact information and why this was a problem.

PP sent me an email that the order had been cancelled. I thought the matter was done. But the next day PP sent me an order confirmation for the same guy and the same stuff. I immediately sent a nasty email to their customer service link. And, I will do other things as the ideas come to me. I think calling that guy at night is a great and easy idea, like the middle of the night!

Needless to say, I will not spend a cent on PP nonsense and if they insist on using my email with this guy, I will have to let his information out to the world – after all PP sent it to me. I didn’t ask for it!

What does this have to do with books? Every minute I have to deal with these yahoos is time taken away from book production. I also means that maybe they can’t read and that why these things happen.

Barbe Awalt