Chocolate vs Books

A new way to celebrate this season: a little chocolate and a bunch of books!

There is no way to have Easter without candy. That would be as un-American as Halloween without trick or treating. I love getting a chocolate bunny and biting the ears off. And who doesn’t like a fresh jellybean?

I am saying, not as much candy but more books. Candy does have a lot of sugar and it is not good for kids. It is also not good for adults who have to put up with kids who have too much sugar.

I suggest a make-your-own Easter basket with candy and a few books. And if you want to go the extra mile, put in a coloring book and some new crayons. What could be better than new crayons?

Kids books2

The books will last after the candy is gone. Books don’t melt or spoil.

Can I suggest a few spring books?
What Makes the Lightning, What Makes a Rainbow, The Tale of the Pronghorned Cantaloupe, Ol’ Jimmy Dollar, How Hollyhocks Came to New Mexico, Miguel & Michelle Visit Spaceport America, Grandpa Lolo & Tampa.

Get a sugar high while reading!

Barbe Awalt


April is:
National Poetry Month
National Library Week, April 10-15
National Scrabble Day, April 13 (You use words!)
National Support Teen Literature Day, April 13
National Talk Like Shakespeare Day, April 23
World Book and Copyright Day, April 23
English Language Day, April 23

Rio Grande Books
April 20-22: Arizona-NM Historical Society Conference, Flagstaff, AZ
June 16-18: Sacred Art Market, Gallup Cathedral
July 15: Lavender in the Village, Los Ranchos Agri Center
Nov 4, 2017: Tempe Book Festival, Tempe Public Library

Henrietta Christmas & Paul Rhetts
April 30: Santa Fe Public Library, 2pm "Basic Genealogy Checklist: 101 Tips & Tactics to Finding Your Family History"
June 24: Treasure House Books, Albuquerque Old Town 1-3pm "Basic Genealogy Checklist: 101 Tips & Tactics to Finding Your Family History"

Loretta Hall
May 3: Bear Canyon Senior Center, 10:00-11:30, "Getting Men to the Moon: Behind-the-Scenes Stories"
June 10: Bookworks, 11am. 4022 Rio Grande Blvd ABQ
July 13: OASIS, 1:00-2:30, "What Sex Differences Mean for Space Travel"

Pat Hodapp
April 23: Collected Works, 2pm "Santa Fe Bucket List"

Ross Van Dusen
June 4: Treasure House Books, 1pm "Lyle Got Stuck in a Tree" and "What Makes Lightning?"