#1 Is Over!!!!!

Good news! My lawsuit on Inspection of Public Records Requests violations is over! I punched the whale and it moved!

I had sued the NM Public Education Department over numerous violations of the state law dealing with the inspection of records. I had a court mandated 2nd mediation and New Mexico Public Education Department and I came to settlement and NMPED is sending me a check.

I can’t go into details because mediation is confidential and NMPED really wants it confidential but….

What does this all mean? Just plain citizens need to stand up when they see something wrong. I am not a lawyer but I learned a lot and all that will help with my second lawsuit - #2 – against NMPED and some employees, about buying books. The Initiative is great but the way it was handled - not so much.

I assert that NMPED bought books, not at the low bid, and violated their own RFP by saying “certain” publishers could ignore deadlines and other requirements. New Mexico doesn’t have the money to put up with this nonsense!

Let me take a minute to thank some people for getting this far:
New Mexico Foundation for Open Government and Director Peter St. Cyr – They were there for me at the start and promote IPRA being done correctly.
Representative Christine Trujillo – She has been with me from the beginning and puts New Mexico first.
The Second Judicial District Court Legal Fair – Once a month, they provide FREE legal advice. I used it twice and every city with a District Court should have this. Thanks to the lawyers who take time to do this. The people who set this service up need to be congratulated for a valuable community event.
Judge Franchini and Retired Chief Judge Baca - Both said you will mediate when I had no luck asking NMPED to do it and Judge Baca mediated a complicated issue. I learned a lot.
The Office of the Attorney General, Open Government Division – They put out the IPRA Compliance Guide that I call my bible. They don’t know how valuable this booklet was and will be. All judges, politicians, and government employees, need to have a copy ON THEIR DESKS!
Robert Nott, education reporter at the Santa Fe New Mexican – He wrote stories that were worth their weight in gold.
Paul Rhetts – My husband indulged my new hobby and supported it with research and work.
And to my many friends who stuck by me! Thanks!

If you see something you have to say or do something. It is your duty as a citizen.

Barbe Awalt