Food for Thought

So many good ads on the Super Bowl yesterday — but many seem to go against common wisdom and still come out winners.

I noticed a lot of great ads both before and during the Super Bowl yesterday. Some really good ones and some that just made one think about what was going on all around us.

Case in point, ad pundits had been warning us for weeks before the game that the use of celebrities was wearing off and we would be seeing fewer of them. And then we hear that two of the best commercials were:

#1 - John Malkovich starred in a big ad for Go Daddy on the subject of reserving your name for domain hosting and it scored highest as the best ad of the day. Score one for the control of our private information.

#2 - Melissa McCarthy starred in an ad for Kia cars and it too was a home run. It was different and very funny.

The question of the day is did these ads win big because they used celebrities or because they were different and well-done so they stood out?

Another thing we noticed yesterday was that if you are going to put an ad into the biggest arena around to get more customers you better be ready for the onslaught. 84 Lumber ran ads during the game and immigration and the response to their ads caused a meltdown on their website which crashed —

So if you are going to play with fame, you better be ready to take advantage of your 15 seconds of notoriety! We have seen this type of implosion several times for people who appear on Shark Tank and aren't ready for what comes next.

Google announced its competition against Amazon in a big way during the game with their new Google Home, their version of the Amazon's Alexi. Not the first time they ran their ads, but with so many people watching these ads it was bound to cause a response. Seems the audio was so clear during the ads that the Google ad set off people's devises. The ad says "OK Google" and people's Google Home devices heard the ad and responded "Sorry. Something went wrong." People must have been laughing in their living rooms at the end of these ads. The tv set set-off the devises all over the place.

One of the blogs that I regularly watch did a story of the "50-Must Visit Bookstores on Six Continents." As a person in the book trade this hit me as an interesting new idea in "business" tourism. Take a break and browse your way through some fun places. —

— Paul Rhetts