Get Your Week Moving

It's always fun to get an extra boost to help you get through the week. Here are two to get you started … rabbits crossing and double corn.

Here are some little things to start the week off:

Rabitt crossing-squashed

Rabbit Crossing

Our neighbor set up a rabbit crossing sign. We have a lot of rabbits in the neighborhood. When I went out to get the mail, there was a gang of rabbits relaxing in the grass at the rabbit crossing sign. I ran in to get my camera and two were left. Chillin’ rabbits!


Corn & Friend

In all my years, I have never shucked corn and found a twin. Two for the price of one!

Barbe Awalt

Today's Random Thought!
What Must A Sell Sheet Include?
• Picture/Image: A high-resolution picture or image of your book
• Description: A short, but enticing, description about your book
• Title: The full title, including the sub-title
• Author Name: Your name here, as it appears on your cover, or website
• Author Photograph: If you have enough room, include a photo
• Co-Author Name: You guessed it, the co-author’s name
• Foreword Author: This person typically has a name bigger than your own, so if this is true, include it
• Category: List the shelving category (BISG category heading), or subject of your book
• ISBN 13: The standard book number assigned to your book
• Format: Trade paperback, hardcover, pdf, mobi
• Publication Date: The date your book will be available for purchase
• Pages: The number of pages of your book
• Price: The cover price
• Trim: The dimensions of your book — 5.5”x8.5”, 8.5”x11”, 6”x9”
• Available from: Ingram, B&T, Amazon, for example
• Marketing Plans: Targeted internet advertising; direct mail and email marketing; co-operative catalogs and trade show exhibits; social media marketing; video marketing
• Quotes/Testimonials/Blurbs: This is important, especially if you have great ones to use
• Call-To-Action: A statement such as “Visit MyBooksWebsiteDotCom for more info.”

Rio Grande Books
May 27: El Rito Public Library Fundraiser with Nicholas Herrera, 10a-1pm
June 16-18: Sacred Art Market, Gallup Cathedral
July 15: Lavender in the Village, Los Ranchos Agri Center
Nov 4, 2017: Tempe Book Festival, Tempe AZ Public Library

Henrietta Christmas & Paul Rhetts
June 24: Los Alamos Genealogy Society, 7pm "Genealogy Tips"
June 24: Treasure House Books, Albuquerque Old Town 1-3pm "Basic Genealogy Checklist: 101 Tips & Tactics to Finding Your Family History"

Loretta Hall
June 10: Bookworks, 11am. 4022 Rio Grande Blvd ABQ
July 13: OASIS, 1:00-2:30, "What Sex Differences Mean for Space Travel"

Ross Van Dusen
May 11: Ross will read to the kids from Griegos Elementary School at a special event at Bookworks on Rio Grande Blvd.
June 4: Treasure House Books, 1pm "Lyle Got Stuck in a Tree" and "What Makes Lightning?"