Amazon IN YOUR HOUSE? Are You That Dumb?

How stupid does Amazon think we are?

For $250, you get a special keypad and video camera to let someone from Amazon in your house when you are not there. What could go wrong with that? Amazon is trying to come up with an alternative to the Porch Pirate problem who last year stole 11M Amazon packages. Good thought but bad solution.

Let me give you some of the reasons I don’t want it at ALL!
    Have your packages delivered to your work or have them picked up immediately at the door. Don’t be lazy! Amazon hopes this will be the beginning with pet walking and cleaning services soon. What the hell?

    In all fairness, Walmart proposed a few weeks ago a food delivery service that is similar but the delivery person goes inside your house and puts the groceries away. I just can’t decide which is creepier.

    Why don’t you just leave your front door open with a sign inviting everyone in?

    Barbe Awalt