Charlie and Debbie Carrillo

Extend a helping hand to a family that needs our help right now! This is important to all of us so we hope you can help.


Helping Friends & Neighbors
The way the world has changed recently we all must increase our vigilance and our support of extending a helping hand. Two of our dearest friends were recently involved in a terrible rear-end collision on I-25 and severely injured. Broken ribs on one side, broken arm, clavicle, sternum L1 vertebrae. Car totaled. Won't be able to work for probably 1/2 year at least with rehab and therapy. Both are award-winning artists in Spanish Market and now with no income coming in. Please share if you are so inclined.


Charlie and Debbie Carrillo are something that is a part of New Mexican history. Sure, Charlie was honored by the National Endowment for the Arts for his santero inspired art but also his writings, teachings, illustrations, and talks. It is especially significant because the Donald wants to do away with the NEA and because of their recent car accident.

Thank goodness Debbie ONLY had cuts and bruises but Charlie didn’t make out as well. He has many broken bones and will be in a body cast for months. He can’t paint or carve because he has at least one broken hand/arm. Which brings us to the issue of when you are the income provider and you are laid up, what are you going to do to avoid being put out on the street? You get by with a little help from your friends.

You can see Charlie’s art at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center Museum in Albuquerque and it may be on display at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, The Albuquerque Museum, Museum of Spanish Colonial Art in Santa Fe, and elsewhere. His art is even on display at the Albuquerque International Airport and the Roundhouse in Santa Fe. And we all know Charlie couldn’t do anything without Debbie’s support. Debbie can’t work now because she had to take care of Charlie.

Charlie has also done some great books that have gotten many awards:
Saints of the Pueblos and Shoes for the Santo Niño – authored and illustrated.

It should be a wake up call for all of us. Even if we have great insurance and all kinds of other things, we are one bad accident away from disaster. In these uncertain times the only thing you can count on is your friends.

Barbe Awalt

We will back to some of our usual off-the-wall comments and rants tomorrow.