White House Inappropriate Behavior!

Maybe the President should calm down, drink a virgin bloody mary and read a book!blogEntryTopper
This thing with Ivanka, Donald & Nordies is funny – it is so trivial. BUT there ought to be a RED FLAG with every department store and e-store in the world.

If Ivanka’s brand is not carried any more in a store, Donald will tweet. Brand lines not carried in a store happen all the time. If a brand is not having the sales that the store wants, then they don’t carry it. If the store has money problems, then they also don’t carry brands. And take it from me, almost all stores have money problems right now!

What was entirely inappropriate was Kellyanne Conway getting on her bully pulpit and asking women to buy the brand – a “free commercial.” Let me be clear, her Constitutional right entitles her to tell anyone how to spend money. But the ethics involved with her position and job, does not entitle her to shoot off her mouth about a department store. There is a law too – little concern to the new administration.

For that matter, the president also has the same ethics problem. The department store was not a threat to national security or any issue the President is involved with. Of course the President tweets about many things: judges, TV shows, actors, the press, and many more and all are just juvenile and bad.

Take the ability to tweet away from the President. He needs to concentrate on national problems and not this sort of thing. Ivanka is a big girl and needs to deal with her own issues. And what about the President not having anything to do with Trump businesses? That hasn’t happened. This is not the way a President should act.

What does this have to do with books? Nothing except it provides an atmosphere that is bad for books and all of us. AND maybe Donald should spend his tweet time reading a book. Just saying.

Barbe Awalt