UNM Makes Me SICK!

It usually takes a lot to make me sick! But UNM is gutting the entire UNM Press operation but is safe-guarding the sports program even when they break the law. Oh my . . . !

I saw the story that Larry Barker/KRQE had on Part 2 of Paul Krebs and UNM paying for people to go to Scotland and have a good time on the taxpayers. Besides the fact that UNM paid about $64,000 in tax money for businessmen and Paul Krebs to enjoy themselves for a week it also it against the law. You see, it is against the law for tax money be used to get donations and that is exactly what Paul Krebs did.


Now supposedly, the interim UNM President and the school didn’t know what Paul Krebs did. Hard to believe but it may be true. But the buck does stop with the President of UNM and if his sports department is running out-of-control, he needs to deal with it.

There is also the question of Paul Krebs breaking the law – bigtime. Right now I don’t see the Albuquerque DA or the Attorney General rushing to prosecute. If I broke the law they would be all over me but maybe there is a new rule exempting university sports departments from not observing the law. The UNM sports department and Paul Krebs must be special people!

Why am I so mad besides the obvious? UNM is firing/terminating a bunch of UNM Press jobs because although UNM Press tries, they aren’t like the sports department and Paul Krebs. Remember, Paul Krebs was the brain trust that arranged for fired coaches to get million dollar golden parachutes. UNM Press could use that $1M!

So again, you go to college to play and watch sports not read, learn, or have anything to do with books. Maybe we ought to see if some of those basketball and football players can actually read? They drop games really well and some get arrested. This might be another skill they could learn. Of course, the only reason Paul Krebs has his job is to get a big paycheck (he gets paid more than the UNM President) and to have cool vacations on the taxpayer. What about this is good?

Barbe Awalt

Today's Random Thought!
We are very happy that Robert Mueller is now heading up the investigation to find out whites really going on! INVESTIGATE TRUMP RUSSIA COLLUSION INCLUDING:
• the FLYNN thing
• the MANAFORT thing
• the TILLERSON thing
• the SESSIONS thing
• the KUSHNER thing
• the CARTER PAGE thing
• the ROGER STONE thing
• the Felix Sater thing
• the Boris Ephsteyn thing
• the Rosneft thing
• the Gazprom thing
• the Sergey Gorkov banker thing
• the Azerbajain thing
• the 'I LOVE PUTIN' thing
• the Sergey Kislyak thing
• the Russian Affiliated Interests thing
• the Russian Business Interests thing
• the Emoluments Clause thing
• the Alex Schnaider thing
• the HACK OF THE DNC thing
• the Guccifer 2.0 thing
• the Mike Pence 'I don’t know anything' thing
• the Russians mysteriously dying thing
• the 45’s house sale for $100 million at the bottom of the housing bust to the Russian fertilizer king thing
• the Russian fertilizer king’s plane showing up in Concord, NC during his rally campaign thing
• the Nunes sudden flight to the White House in the night thing
• the Nunes personal investments in the Russian winery thing
• the Cyprus bank thing
• the Republican Party’s REJECTION OF AN AMENDMENT to require him to show his taxes thing
• the GOP platform change to the Ukraine thing
• the Steele Dossier thing
• the Leninist Bannon thing
• the Sally Yates can’t testify thing
• the intelligence community’s investigative reports thing
• the Spicer’s RUSSIAN DRESSING 'nothing’s wrong' thing
• the Chaffetz not willing to start an investigation thing
• the Chaffetz suddenly deciding to go back to private life in the middle of an investigation thing
• the The Lead DOJ Investigator Mary McCord SUDDENLY in the middle of the investigation decides to resign thing
• the appointment of Pam Bondi who was bribed by the 45 in the Trump University scandal appointed to head the investigation thing
• the The White House going into full-on cover-up mode, refusing to turn over the documents related to the hiring and subsequent firing of Flynn thing
• the Chaffetz and White House blaming the poor vetting of Flynn on Obama thing (LOL!)
• the Poland and British intelligence gave information regarding the hacking back in 2015 to Paul Ryan and he didn't do anything thing
• the Agent M16 following the money thing
• the 45’s team KNEW about Flynn's involvement but hired him anyway thing
• the Corey Lewendowski thing
• the Preet Bharara firing thing but before he left he transferred evidence against trump to a state level Schneiderman thing
• the Betsy Devos' brother thing
• the Sebastian Gorka thing
• the Greg Gianforte from Montana thing
• the VP Pence actually was warned about Flynn before he was hired thing
• the Pence and Manafort connection thing
• the 7 Allies coming forward with audio where the 45 was picked up in incidental wire tapping thing
• the Carter Page defying the Senate's order to hand over his Russian contact list
• NOW the 45 wants to VETO Sally Yates' testimony thing!
* the firing of James Comey thing

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