We Put Our Children First – Really?

Archdiocese has put up a smokescreen on the Soda tax effort. It is distasteful at best and just plain stupid at its worst.

I was watching TV and bombarded every two minutes with a 2¢ soda ad – for or against. Then I saw the ad from the Archdiocese of Santa Fe – We Put Our Children First. What????????

Did you put children first when the predatory pedophile priests were running wild in New Mexico? Did you put children first when priests were reassigned to New Mexican parishes when everyone knew they were forcing themselves on children? No, children were not first, priests were. And frankly, keeping it hush-hush, so the Archdiocese didn’t suffer embarrassment. That was first. Priests put children first as victims of abuse.

Someone could say, well, that happened years ago and just let it be. My answer is simple, when the Archdiocese shows they are repentant and makes due for their sins, then they can make ads about children. They go after everyone else for sins and they need to be held accountable. My best advice is get out quickly from the political arena because you don’t have credibility as far as children are concerned. The Archdiocese has a bad track record with children. They certainly aren’t first.

I found this ad distasteful at best and stupid.

Barbe Awalt