Three Really Stupid Things!

People can be so stupid sometimes! You even have to tell them not to hurt themselves.



1. The University of Maryland Hospital, in Baltimore, put a patient on the street wearing only a hospital gown and socks in winter. Four security guards dumped her out of her wheelchair. It was all filmed by a good guy who was really mad. She is now getting treatment at another hospital and hopefully, the hospital will make her a very rich woman. The hospital said they have never done it before. Are you serious?


2. The Donald called counties in immigration, sh*thole countries. Has he lost it? Is that presidential?


I talked about the Opposing Attorney in my lawsuit using the “typo defense.” The judge wanted nothing to do with it and it was immediately eliminated from the pleading. Short story, I survived the Motion to Dismiss the case and we are moving on. Dumbest defense ever!!!!!!!

Barbe Awalt


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