Alternative Facts, Last Week Tonight, Trump, & NMPED

Alternative Facts, Last Week Tonight, Trump, & NMPED
What do all of these things have in common? FACTS. or are they just "faux facts"!
I saw the latest episode of Last Week Tonight and they had an exploration of facts used by Donald Trump. The result is – Donald Trump uses no real facts. He uses Alternative Facts that are dreamed up at the minute they come out of his mouth.

The problem is, Alternative Facts are being used by everyone – most importantly our government agencies. And, people believe them! Case in point: I have these two lawsuits against New Mexico Public Education Department. One is on the Inspection of Public Records Act and the other is on a RFP that the NMPED forgot to honor their own deadline and rules. Both are very fact oriented but it seems NMPED likes to make up facts and you are not a very good person if you dispute them. So it looks like I am not a very good person.

The problem is, they put all of their facts in writing and I have them. So the bottom-line is, I can say without hesitation, that NMPED lies and refuses to follow the law or facts. I have so many written facts I can’t see straight. Everyone who has seen them says REALLY? And they put that in writing? Yup – they did!

So that is why I am going to court. This is just too bad to ignore. But it also reminds all of us to check facts. NEVER believe anything you are told. In fact, a thousand years ago when the Viet Nam War was being protested, I was told, “BELIEVE NOTHING!” Good advice. I don’t.

I also know that I love Last Week Tonight. I believe them. We can suffer together.

Barbe Awalt