Lies, PR, & Judgments

White House shows bad taste and disrespect to military and all Americans.

The situation with the dead soldiers has gotten out of hand and many people need to be ashamed of themselves.

The Widow and family – They seem to be the most without blame. A Widow and her family can invite anyone they want to listen to a phone message. It is their right. And frankly, the President ought to know the name of the soldier and have it written in front of him before he calls. A Widow should not have her husband referred to as “her man” or “your guy.” He has a name.

The Congresswoman – She lost some credibility the day after, saying what she did made her a rock star. She should have kept her mouth shut. And someone will bitch about this, but the hats do her no good. She did have a perfect right to listen to a conversation on speaker-phone in a car. Where was she supposed to go? She also has a right to speak up when someone is lying about her.

General Kelly – Lied about the Congresswoman. Why did he say what he did? And if he and unknown people listened to what the President said on the phone, wasn’t he doing the same thing he criticized the Congresswomen for? He was right, bringing his son and dead soldiers into a political conversation was terrible. NO ONE SHOULD DO IT!

The President – This incident should show the President that he is terrible on the phone. This is not the first time. He should have also kept his mouth shut. He was wrong to say what other President’s did or did not do. Stick to notes. AND, do not promise to send $25,000 checks to dead soldiers’ families and not mail them. The soldiers’ families that were not promised a check feel bad enough. The President has no empathy so stop pretending.

At this point someone with a public relations background and very good taste, has to work in the White House. They need to have absolute power to tell ANYONE that they are wrong. They need to have a list at EVERYONE’s desk on what topics are out-of-bounds. Everything needs to be checked before it is tweeted, written, said, or lied about. We can all check – we are not stupid. This is all beyond bad taste. It has to stop. Just run the country and find out why this happened. But I guess, you will lie about how they died too! It makes me sick.

Barbe Awalt


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