Was 2017 A Mess?


2017 What a total mess! Can we have a do-over?
Was 2017 A Mess?

It is probably not a good idea to write this after seeing “The Profit in Puerto Rico.” There is no other way to talk about Puerto Rico but that it is less than a third world country. What happened to them is terrible and the United States has dropped the ball in helping them dig out. Would you live in a place that still had no water, electricity, schools, medical help, food, or economy? There is no good reason why this happened.

The next thing that is a mess is the deterioration of respect for other people. Sure, the easy thing to say is that it is Trump’s fault. But being frank, he has had a lot of help. Just below the surface of a lot of people is a simmering hate of people who aren’t like themselves. Now they just feel empowered to act on it.

This respect, or lack of it, has also resulted in sexual abuse. Now, people are tired of hearing about it. It took place for a long time and it is still coming out. Unfortunately, the accusations may be true or false. People’s lives will be ruined.

I don’t care what anyone says, the economy has not come back. It may be slowly moving but businesses are still closing. Things will be in flux for a while more.

We still have politicians who are worthless except for lining their own pockets. Why can’t we elect people who have a backbone? Probably because the smart people aren’t going to run for anything. They know better.

Why do nut jobs have guns? Probably because the National Rifle Association pays big bucks to the worthless politicians. When will we learn?

I am happy to see the end of 2017. It has been a mess. We will hope 2018 will be better!

Barbe Awalt


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