Alternative Facts vs Fact Checking

Our White House feels that facts get in the way of the truth. I guess reality is only a tv show.

It seems that anyone can put whatever outrageous fact out to the public and it is up to us to check to make sure what they said is true. Remember the good old days when politicians said things that were true?

Take for example Kellyanne Conway. Did I immediately go in to my microwave and hide it because she said it might be spying on me? No, I didn’t because I know to even begin to spy you have to have an appliance connected to the internet. Mine isn’t and are there any microwaves connected to the internet? If my microwave is spying all it is going to see 99% of the time is my refrigerator directly across from the microwave.

Kellyanne first brought “Alternative Facts” to the public thought process. President Trump has said that President Obama “wiretapped” Trump Tower. It seems that the new “thing” is to say anything that comes into your mind and it is up to everyone who hears it to check it for being the truth. Why should we expect people, or media, or elected officials to say the truth?

Well, here are some things you can check and see if they are the truth:
  1. Elected officials don’t read.
  2. Media people are interested in fast stories.
  3. Tax money is always used as the law dictates.
  4. Government agencies follow the law and check to make sure.
  5. Elected bodies work together to get things done.
  6. Lobbyists give politicians freebees.

First of all, there may be some people this doesn’t apply to but sadly, it is the way things operate now. Our own Governor Martinez vetoed a bunch of bills but the law states you have to give a reason for doing it. So now the whole mess goes to court. You would think someone in the Governor’s office would know what the law says OR does she think she is so important and can do what she wants?

And, did anyone check the new Trump Care proposed bill for being really bad? It doesn’t have any of the numbers needed to be voted on but many politicians did just that — voted on an incomplete bill. Would it have been too difficult to wait a minute and have it finished? I guess it was easier just to put it out and no one would have the nerve to object! Maybe in our jobs, we should not finish projects and see what happens!

I have had my own brush with people who don’t read the Inspection Of Public Records Act or don’t care to do so. In my newly settled lawsuit, I said that the New Mexico Public Education Department did not follow IPRA and I had the proof in writing. They must have felt they didn’t because they settled and are issuing me a check. You don’t send a large check to someone because they are nice. And the sad part is, I am not the only person this has happened to but I am one of the few people who got pissed off enough to sue. Does NMPED know how to read the IPRA law?

What does this have to do with books — everything. You have to know how to read now to check facts. Enough said ! Excuse me now because I have to unplug my microwave!

Barbe Awalt

Today's Rants: A Random Thought!
It’s official. The new name for the Republican healthcare plan is WEALTHCARE! Remember, only the wealthy can get healthcare.

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