We Are Beset With Saguaro Cactus?

New Mexico Dept. of Education teaches kids bad science and bad geography! Saguaro cactus do NOT exist naturally in New Mexico. Maybe they should rethink what books they give to kids free.

Yesterday, I found the New Mexico Public Education book bought from Arbordale in South Carolina – Deep In The Desert – had saguaro cacti on the front cover. That book will be given to every first grader in New Mexico public schools and some charter schools. Great idea – giving a book to a first grader. But do we really have to give them a book with a saguaro cactus on the cover? You see, we have no saguaro cacti in New Mexico.

I went to Walmart this morning and they had a great New Mexico t-shirt. The problem is, the t-shirt has a saguaro cactus for the “I” in New Mexico. Nice shirt but I am not going to advertise New Mexico has saguaro cactus because we don’t.

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta had for the official poster, a few years back, a big old saguaro cactus. They should have known better and it was on all the TV stations and in newspapers.

Santa Fe New Mexican’s El Mitote did an article recently that the Hot Sox Company had saguaro cactus on their New Mexico socks. J. Crew offers a New Mexican t-shirt with a saguaro cactus.

Saguaro cactus are really beautiful and I enjoy looking at them in TUCSON!!! We need to say NO MORE SAGUARO CACTUS! Someone would make a pile of money with a t-shirt that says saguaro cactus aren’t in New Mexico. Maybe a big slash sign over saguaro cactus? New Mexico has cactus but no saguaro cactus. Get over it!!!!!!

Barbe Awalt

Today's Rant: Random Thoughts!
Congress, or should we say the Republicans, passed a new health insurance program today, called Trumpcare or maybe Ryancare. We say insurance because it clearly is not healthcare which is what every American wants. No one in Congress has any idea what it will cost or if our premiums or coverage will go up or down (SAD!). Here is what the new program does for us.

What the AHCA does
Ends individual mandate, imposes surcharge for coverage lapse — BAD
Ends Obamacare premium subsidies, offers tax credits instead — BAD
Rolls back Medicaid expansion across 30 states — BAD
Allows states to impose Medicaid work requirement
Expands health savings accounts
Allows states to waive federal "essential health benefits" requirement and set own standard — BAD
Allows insurers to charge older people up to 5 times as much as younger — BAD
Repeals consumer taxes — BAD
Imposes abortion restriction on tax credits
Imposes Planned Parenthood restriction for Medicaid
Requires insurers to allow young adults to stay on parents' plans until 26
Allows states to permit insurers to charge more for pre-existing conditions — BAD
Allocates $8 billion to help subsidize people with pre-existing conditions in state high-risk pools — BAD
Prohibits insurers from imposing lifetime or annual limits on coverage
Establishes "patient and state stability fund" to help states service low-income Americans


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