Village Pizza – Where Are You?

The retail landscape is morphing as we speak. Man, there have been a huge number of changes lately. Stores closing right and left. Where are all my old favorites?

I was driving down Rio Grande Blvd. in Albuquerque, and I had to take a second look — Village Pizza was gone. They had a sign up saying Thanks and see them on Coors. I was confused and checked on their website and Rio Grande Blvd. was still there and no Coors Road. I called the Rio Grande Blvd. phone number and it had been discontinued.



Village Pizza has, or had, the best pizza — the Village Combo. It had everything you would want on a green chile cheeseburger and in fact I included it in my
Ultimate Green Chile Cheeseburger Bucket List book.

This is just one of many disappearing acts lately: Payless Shoes, Marcellos Chophouse, and many more. I am tired of favorite places leaving. I am also tired of being lied to by politicians. I am still mad about Mayor Berry saying the money for ART hasn’t shown up yet. I feel badly for the businesses on Central Ave. just hanging on while unwanted construction has torn up the place.
Elections are coming but the more pressing question is where is my pizza?

Barbe Awalt

Today's Rants: Some Random Thoughts!
U.S. To Lose $1.6B As Mexican Vacationers Choose Canada
Experts predict 7% less visits from Mexico, totaling a $1.6 billion dollar loss in direct economic spending by 2018. This directly impacts our business.
Thanks Mr. President!

JC Penney employs as many people as the entire coal mining industry, about 100,000 (and declining). Maybe we should start paying more attention to the hits retail is taking, as seen in the recent jobs report.

Photos from our recent event at Explore Science Center

Explora2-squashed Explora1-squashed Explora3-squashed


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