Four Things that Support Print Books

Four things that make one rethink the value of print books.
We recently came across an interesting report that gives high support for printed books over ebooks. It may sound like an esoteric report but it has some important things to say that make us rethink where print books need to be positioned.

The Sappi Global report "A Communicator's Guide to the Neuroscience of Touch" written by renowned neuroscientist Dr. David Eagleman presents the following interesting ideas:

1 — "Touch has the power to shift the brain into a deeper level of engagement, one more conducive to building lasting knowledge."

2 — "Printed media is more intuitively navigable." It is easier and more focused for us to locate products on a physical page versus a computer screen.

3 — Land's End lost sales after decreasing the number of printed catalogs that were mailed out, but later found that 75% of Land's End online sales were from consumers who had checked out its printed catalog first.

4 — High-quality coated paper versus low-quality uncoated paper could help consumers remember what they have read in a printed catalog.

Seems to support the idea that printed books are more important than previously thought.